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Full Moon Water: How to make it & its benefits

Full Moon water how to make it and its benefits

I wanted to tell you about Full Moon Water, how to make it and what it does!

Moon water can be incredibly refreshing, energetically speaking,

And it's a powerful cleansing tool for the body and home!

There’s already an energetic connection between the element of water and the Moon...

When you add intention (and maybe a crystal), you can create water infused with moon energy...

To create Moon water, you’ll need:

    • A jar or container (any jar or glass, but avoid using plastics)
    • Water (just make sure it’s safe to drink if you plan on doing so)
    • A label to date your Moon water and note which sign and phase the Moon is in
    • Water-safe crystals, like rose quartz, clear quartz, or amethyst (optional)
    • An intention to focus on, such as peace, love, or acceptance (optional)

When making your Full Moon water remember to check what zodiac sign the moon is in...

This is because the sign the Full Moon is under will affect the energy of the water...

For example, Moon water charged under Virgo would help with organization, strategy and manifesting dreams..


And Moon Water made under Libra will encourage finding balance and harmony in your life...

All Moon water is energetically refreshing and cleansing...

The zodiac sign it's made under just gives it a slightly different flavour of energy :)

So how do you make it?

Place your water container outside so it can absorb the Full Moon’s energy...

leave the water to charge overnight...

In the morning, you’ll have Moon water!

So what can you do with it? there are many options!

    • Use it to clean your altar, sacred space, or any ritual tools
    • Add it to a relaxing bath
    • Use it to water your plants
    • Use it to cleanse and recharge your crystals
    • Drink it so you can absorb it into your body
    • Use it to anoint your body, as a way of energetically cleansing yourself

If you think of another use, go for it!

Get creative and let the magic of the Moon and your heart guide you...

And If you want an awesome bottle to make Moon Water with…

You’ll love these natural crystal water bottles!

They’re made with glass and come with a special compartment to store your crystals in...

It's the perfect bottle for making moon water infused with refreshing cleansing energy :)

Sending You Many Blessings! 


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