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What do fluorite colors mean?

fluorite crystals

Crystals and minerals have been cherished for centuries, celebrated for their healing properties and captivating aesthetics. Among these, Fluorite stands out, captivating enthusiasts with its radiant beauty and an array of colors that transition from crystal clear to deep purple.

The Beauty of Fluorite Colors

Fluorite's allure lies in its ever-changing hues, influenced by natural elements and surroundings.

Impurities interacting with the stone can transform a once colorless Fluorite into a spectrum of colors, including blue, green, yellow, brown, pink, purple, and black.

The Rarity and Demand

Purple Fluorite reigns supreme, captivating collectors with its rarity and demand.

Following closely are green and yellow Fluorites, while the colorless and black varieties, being rare, are highly sought after.

What fluorite's colors mean

Beyond its physical beauty, Fluorite holds symbolic meanings associated with its colors, offering unique energies and healing properties.

Let's delve into what each color represents:

  1. Dark Purple or Violet: Ideal for healing, maintaining focus, and overcoming learning difficulties. It aids in restructuring life positively, liberating from anxiety, and boosting confidence.

  2. Light Purple: Brings wisdom and clarity, fostering unrestrained emotion and intellect.

  3. Light Blue: Promotes calmness and rational thinking, aiding in sequential thought processing.

  4. Green: Clears negative energy and inspires creativity, originality, and quick thinking.

  5. Rainbow: Encourages open-mindedness, freedom of choice, and the courage to express ideas without fear of criticism.

  6. Clear (Colorless): Stimulates mental clarity, cleanses the aura, and aligns chakras, enhancing universal energy in the body.

Another thing to consider is how the colors of fluorite truly come to life when light goes through them. 

You will see in the photos below, I'm holding the same crystal and how colors are perceived differently depending on the lighting conditions.

fluorite crystal colors

Always remember that even though fluorite looks its best under the sunlight it should not be exposed to it for long periods of time as it will make its colors fade.

A colorful fluorite crystal exposed to continuous sun will eventually fade.

Hope you love your fluorite crystals as much as I do!

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