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Natural Cracks in Crystals: What They Mean and How to Identify Them

Are you concerned about cracks in your crystal?

Here's what you need to know:

Cracks, fissures and fractures are called cleavage in crystalline materials.

And they are very common especially with soft crystals like fluorite and selenite.


      Natural fissures in hard crystals, like amethyst for example, are internal oddities created over thousands of years of heat and pressure. As with all natural crystals, these differences make your crystal unique as no two are ever the same.

      The quartz crystal family is best known for the beautiful crystals it forms in all sorts of cavities and fissures.

      Many quartz gems will have tiny cracks, lines, and inclusions beneath the surface


      Natural occurring cracks or fissures can occur at different stages:

      • During crystal growth, as a result of internal tensions by structure defects or tectonic activity during mineralization. 
      • After crystals have been formed, but still in the mother or host rock, due to changes of pressure or mechanical damage produced by tectonic activity.
      • Shear tension, caused by a great gradient of temperature during synthesis. 
      • Primary deposits, during mining exploitation or the recovery process (blasting and crushing of the rock)

      Fissures are naturally occurring and add to the character of the stone.

      Their presence is normal and will not compromise the benefit your crystal will give you. Regardless if it occurred naturally or due to human factors.

      During crystal formation, birthmarks or inclusions occur due to slight irregularities and features visible under a microscope or naked eye.

      These "clarity characteristics" can be categorized into 11 types of crystal inclusions, including bearding, cavity, chip, cloud, feather, graining, indented natural, knot, needle, pinpoints, and twinning wisps.

      Remember, each crystal is unique, and its natural occurrences make it special.

      Enjoy the beauty and benefits of your crystals! 

      If you have any questions about crystals don´t hesitate to reach out to us :)

      Many Blessings!


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