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Aquarius Zodiac Crystal jewelry set
Aquarius Zodiac Crystal jewelry set

Aquarius Zodiac Crystal jewelry set

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For this zodiac crystal set we have selected 3 unique crystals and stones that resonate with the Aquarius sign (January 21 – February 20).

Their properties will enhance the qualities of a Aquarius and assist with common struggles associated with this zodiac sign.

These crystals will also assist other zodiac signs through this astrological season.

Crystals included:

  • 1 Amethyst bracelet
  • 1 Aquamarine bracelet
  • 1 Purple Fluorite pendant + Black necklace

Crystal Key words:

  • Amethyst Protection • Meditation • Calming
  • Aquamarine :  Courage • Tolerance • Peace •Meditation • Protection
  • Purple Fluorite: Peace-giving Mental Acuity • De- Stress  Focus


  • Material: Natural crystals
  • Bracelets Size: 15.5 cm on elastic band
  • Beads size: 8 mm
  • Pendant size: Approx. 4 cm
  • Pendant holder: silver plated copper alloy 
  • Necklace length: Approx. 45 cm 

  • Note: Color shades can vary on all natural stones, please allow for slight variations.

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