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Fluorite Bracelet
Fluorite Bracelet
Fluorite Bracelet
Fluorite Bracelet
Fluorite Bracelet

Fluorite Bracelet

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Benefits of Fluorite

  • Amplifies Your Positivity: Absorbs and neutralizes the negative energy in your body and home.
  • Improves Your Productivity: Keeps you calm and focused. The perfect crystal for any office space, study area or meditation spot.
  • Enhances Your Beauty: Fluorite is a gorgeous looking crystal that will enhance your look and bring out your inner and outer beauty. 


"My mind and heart are awake, alert, clear and active, working in unison to make the optimal choices for my life purpose."- Naisha Ahsian
Note: Our bracelets are made with natural fluorite beads so each piece will be unique. Fluorite colors vary from light blue to dark purple. 

Bracelet size: Approx. 16.3cm

Only 1 bracelet included per order, photo shows 2 only to display difference of colors

30 Day Money Back Guarantee: We are so confident that you will love our crystals that we will refund your order if you're not satisfied for any reason.
100% Traceable: Tracking number for every order.

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