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Full Moon Water: How to make it & its benefits

Full Moon water how to make it and its benefits

Discover the mystical world of Full Moon Water – a refreshing elixir infused with the powerful energy of the moon.

In this guide, we'll delve into how to create this magical concoction and explore its various benefits for both body and home.


Creating Full Moon Water:

Moon water, with its refreshing and energetic properties, serves as a potent cleansing tool. To craft your own, gather the following:

  • A glass or jar (avoid plastics)
  • Potable water
  • Label for dating and noting Moon sign and phase
  • Water-safe crystals (optional)
  • Intention for focus (optional)

    Consider the Moon's Influence:

    The zodiac sign under which the Full Moon resides affects the energy of the water.

    For instance, Moon water under Virgo enhances organization and strategic thinking, while that under Libra encourages balance and harmony.

    Instructions for Crafting:

    1. Place your chosen water container outside to absorb the Full Moon’s energy.

    2. Allow the water to charge overnight.

    3. In the morning, your Full Moon Water is ready!


    Versatile Uses of Full Moon Water:

    Unleash the potential of your Moon water in various ways:

    • Cleanse your altar, sacred space, or ritual tools.
    • Enhance a relaxing bath with a few drops.
    • Water your plants with its revitalizing energy.
    • Cleanse and recharge your crystals.
    • Drink it to absorb the energy into your body.
    • Energetically cleanse yourself by anointing your body.

      If you think of another use, go for it!

      Get creative and let the magic of the Moon and your heart guide you...

      And If you want an awesome bottle to make Moon Water with…

      You’ll love these natural crystal water bottles!

      They’re made with glass and come with a special compartment to store your crystals in...

      It's the perfect bottle for making moon water infused with refreshing cleansing energy :)

      Many Blessings, 


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