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Best Healing Crystals for your Pets

best healing crystals for your pets

Have you ever wondered If crystals work on pets and animals?

Our furry companions provided us with comfort, love, and companionship.. 

But sometimes they can get stressed or have other issues just like us...

So you might have wondered if crystals might be able to help them too...

But what crystals are good for your favorite animal friend?

I have listed a few crystals that could help/benefit your pet: 

  • Clear Quartz is a calming crystal and can be a great option for a pet that get nervous when you leave
  • Rose Quartz will help your pet to learn how to accept love and companionship without associating it with fear. It's also great for  rescue pets as it soothes and reduces stress level so they can begin to adapt to their new love-filled life.
  • Amethyst crystals clears negative energy while balancing your pet’s energy fields, calms rattled nerves, and is an all-around healer. 
  • Amazonite is a stone of expression, if you feel your pet has locked up parts of their personality. It also improves confidence, loving communication and trust which helps a lot in training.


 Amazonite points         Serenity Dreams Set


Keep in mind that smaller stones could be ingested and cause toxicity! so opt for larger stones or keep them where your pet can’t reach them..


 Here are some  tips or ideas on how to use crystals to avoid such incidents:

  1. Attaching or placing a larger crystal in a corner of the crate, on top of the crate, or under their bedding. But be sure that any sharp crystal points are padded so they don’t cause discomfort.
  2. By adding a crystal to their collar. 
  3. You can scan the crystals over your pet’s aura or gently massage it over their fur. 

Most of what you read about how stones help humans will also apply to how they can help animals. 

Since animals are pure creatures and naturally live in the moment, they are actually more open to the healing energies of crystals! 

There's no bad crystals, so if you want to explore more crystals click here and have a look around!

Hope this can help you with your pets! :) 

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