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Is my Crystal OK or NOT OK in the Sun?

is my crystal ok in the sun

If you share a fascination for crystals, like many enthusiasts, you're likely aware of the importance of regularly cleansing and charging these mystical gems to maximize their healing benefits.

However, not all crystals respond positively to direct sunlight. In this guide, we'll explore which crystals are sunlight-friendly and which ones should be shielded from its rays to ensure their longevity and vibrancy.

The Risks of Sun Exposure to Crystals

After cleansing your crystals of negative energy, it's crucial to follow up with a charging routine to rejuvenate them.

While sunlight is a popular charging method, some crystals are sensitive and may suffer damage over time.

Here's a list of crystals that should be kept out of direct sunlight:

1. Aventurine

Risk: Fades in color.

 2. Amethyst 

Risk: Fades due to sunlight affecting its iron content.

3. Citrine

Risk: Fades to a clear color within 4 hours.

4. Rose Quartz

Risk: Fades in sunlight.

5. Calcite 

Risk: Fades and becomes brittle.

6. Aquamarine 

Risk: Fades from blue to white, not water-safe.

7. Fluorite

Risk: Colors fade in 15 minutes, becomes hot, not water-safe.

8. Smoky Quartz

Risk: Loses color to become grey or brown.

9. Clear Quartz 

Risk: Can get brittle and crack after 2 hours in the sun.

10. Selenite

Risk: Long exposure dulls and fades the crystal.

    Optimal Crystal Charging Method: Moonlight

    For a safer and effective charging method, consider using moonlight.

    Whether it's an overcast or rainy night, the full moon energy remains potent.

    Place your crystals on a windowsill or any spot where they can absorb the moonlight to release negativity and recharge.

    Crystals Safe in the Sun:

    Certain crystals thrive in sunlight and won't lose their color or properties over time. Here's a list of crystals that can be exposed to the sun:

    1. Lapis Lazuli

    Note: Does not fade in sunlight.

    2. Jade

    Note: Sunlight won't fade the color.

    3. Labradorite

    Note: Generally okay with light exposure.

    4. Howlite

    Note: No pigment color to fade.

    5. Black Obsidian

    Note: Dark color and glass composition prevent fading.

    6. Black Tourmaline

    Note: Thrives in the sun, absorbing powerful energy.

    7. Moonstone

    Note: Charging in direct sunlight is fine.

    8. Bloodstone

    Note: Responds well to sunlight, enhances grounding properties.

    9. Tiger Eye

    Note: Can be charged by sunlight or personal energy.

      Extended exposure to direct sunlight may cause deeply colored crystals to fade, so it's essential to understand each crystal's sensitivity.

      Consider the early morning sun for a preferred charging method.

      If you're new to the world of crystals, this guide provides valuable insights into treating and handling your crystal companions.

      Many Blessings, 


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