Important Shipping Updates

Update Nov. 18th 2021

Hi crystal family! Once again thank you so much for supporting our small business as we approach the Holidays :)

We appreciate you placing your orders in advance to allow enough time for your order to reach you. I wanted to remind you that we rely on third party delivery services, and on your national post for the final delivery so we are not able to guarantee delivery by Christmas. 

The time frame we provide is simply an estimate based on the majority of the orders we send to different countries

Please note: Delivery times are usually longer as we approach the Holidays as the number of packages being shipped worldwide increases.


As usual we will do our best to ship all orders 1-3 business days after receiving them, as we really really do want you to get them as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and support on this matter.

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday season!

-Sofia & Anthony


Update June 2021

Shipping has become more stable in most countries please do note some countries or local post offices are still dealing with customs delays or fewer workers in order to maintain safety protocols.

Remember the final delivery of your order is up to your own national post office so for more recent information you can check their own websites.

Please note these delays are out of our control as a small business, we do our best to pack and ship all orders in 2-3 days to make sure your receive your crystals as soon as possible.

Currently most orders are delivered in the below time:

  • United States: 3 - 5 weeks
  • Australia: due to limited flights 6 - 8 weeks
  • Canada: 3 - 6 weeks
  • UK: 2 - 3 weeks 
  • Spain:  2 - 3 weeks 
  • New Zealand: due to limited flights  6 - 8 weeks
  • Iceland: 4- 5 weeks

Thank you for your patience and understanding while your crystals make their way towards you :)

- Turix Team


Update Feb. 1st 2021

Hi there crystal lovers! Wanted to let you know we’ll be away from Feb. 4th to Feb. 21st. 

We will be taking some time off to recharge, calmly plan Turix’s path for 2021, & figure out how to serve you better this year.

Turix store will remain open, but please note we will ship all orders placed during this time once we return.

**We left a few pre-packed products ready to ship during this time!  Active Facebook promotions will ship as usual**

Blessings to you and looking forward to serve you better upon our return from our crystal cave

- Anthony & Sofia


Update Nov. 15th 2020

Please note: Delivery times are usually longer as we approach the Holidays as the number of packages being shipped worldwide increases. We expect the increase to be even bigger this year as more people are doing their shopping online. We cannot guarantee delivery by Christmas.

Although shipping times have improved to some countries, some continue to face shipping delays due to second waves. To most countries delivery times are from 2-4 weeks but there can be customs delays out of our control.

We rely on international shipping companies for the transportation of our products, and the final delivery depends on your country's National Post service. You can contact them directly with the Tracking number we provide you if you need any updates.

As the Holidays approach please know we do our best to ship all orders 2-3 business days after receiving them, but due to shipping disturbances we are not able to guarantee delivery by a certain date.

We are a small business so we rely on shipping networks as we do not have our own.

Thank you for your understanding and support on this matter.

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday season!

-Sofia & Anthony



Covid Update

Due to the global impact of the coronavirus, there have been disruptions to flights as well as restrictions on services being fulfilled by designated postal organisations in some countries.

Limitations on deliveries and extra precautions, such as quarantine, is further causing some delays.

We have implemented alternative solutions to keep packages moving at a reasonable pace while following any precautionary measures deemed necessary.

So far postal services from the following countries have been impacted. You can click on your country to read available updates:

  • Canada
    • Canada Post, our partner for your Canadian shipments is reporting significant delays to shipment processing and delivery as they prioritize the safety of their staff and customers. As more consumers opt to shop online during the pandemic, they are experiencing some of their highest non-holiday numbers, particularly in their larger processing facilities such as their Mississauga gateway. All Canadian shipments will see processing and delivery delays.
  • United States
    • USPS, our partner for U.S. shipments have been experiencing delays in shipment processing, tracking and delivery. This is due to reduced domestic and international airline flight availability and strict safety precautionary measures. In short, delays are expected for all U.S. shipments.
  • International shipments
    • International shipments have seen the biggest delays as many countries take the necessary precautions to minimize the spread of the virus. Depending on the destination country there are both service disruptions and some countries have suspended mail acceptance due to the limited availability of flights for transporting shipments. We encourage you to seek out the latest updates for a specific destination by going directly to the website of the postal service for that country. 
  • Australia
  • Italy
  • France
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Israel
  • More countries may be affected

You can also visit our FAQ section here