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What is Mercury in Retrograde ?

what is mercury retrograde

You have probably heard many people blaming a bad day on Mercury in Retrograde by now...

But do you know what Mercury Retrograde actually IS?

Mercury in Retrograde got its name because if you were to be tracking the movement of the planet Mercury from an Earth-based telescope...

it would appear to be moving backwards in its orbit.

Mercury is the planet that rules the mind, communication, travel and technology

Thus, when it starts moving backwards, everything Mercury rules gets seriously messed up.  

This means for those few weeks you may find yourself getting into misunderstandings, your phone acting up, and maybe even face unexpected delays during travel.

So how can you navigate through mercury in retrograde with minimal problems?

Here a few tips I like to use during this time:

  • Don't send impulsive text messages. 
  • Don't get into heated arguments. 
  • Don't make important decisions that can wait,
  • Leave some extra time for transport,
  • Back up important files, 
  • Give instructions super clearly and clarify instructions that are given to you
  • and mostly just think before you speak!

 So if you wake up during this time and feel like you’re in some bizarro alternate universe where you wonder WHAT is wrong with everyone around you...

You have mercury retrograde to blame!

P.S if you would like something to help reduce the effects of mercury in retrograde I have some good news..

I’ve created a new crystal bundle that’s specifically designed to minimize the effects of mercury retrograde!

crystals for mercury retrograde

It comes with:

  • Amazonite: improves communication
  • Sodalite: wisdom and patience
  • Fluorite: mental focus and good decisions

The energy of these crystals will help you navigate through those times a bit more peacefully :)

Stay safe out there!



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