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Best 6 Crystals For Beginners

best crystals for beginners

If you’re new to crystals you may be looking for an easy crystal to start with...

While there is no universal rule and it’s always best to trust your intuition...

You really can’t go wrong with any of the 5 below crystals as they ARE quite common and used by most crystal lovers!

Clear Quartz: 

Known as ‘The Master Healer’, it can be used to help charge other stones. It is one of the world’s most diverse stones and comes in many different formations so there are heaps of options. It is beautiful and works well with all other crystals.


The Stone of Calm, one of the most well known stones, amethyst will help you to de-stress, calm and open up to your spiritual awareness. In sleepless nights it has an energy that will sedate you into lucid dreams. Its intense calming properties balance emotional highs and lows.

Rose Quartz: 

Rose Quartz is the Mother of all crystals and known as the stone of ‘Love’ and ‘Self Love’. It helps you live from your heart, forgive in your relationships and forget old flames to make way for the new. It also helps dissolve jealousy, bitterness, and guilt, which helps restore balance to your life.


Labradorite is a stone of transformation making it a useful companion through change as it brings strength and perseverance. It balances and protects your aura, raises consciousness and grounds spiritual energies. A stone of inspiration it can also be useful to have in the workplace.


Black Onyx acts as a vacuum cleaner sucking up all the negativity in your aura such as stress and tension.  It is also used for protection against negativity consciously directed towards you. 


Amplifies your positivity by absorbing and neutralizing the negative energy in your body and home. Another good stone for the workplace as it improves your productivity by keeping  your mind calm and focused. 

Welcome to the world of enchanting crystals! Hope this helps you choose your first ever crystal!

Many Blessings!

Sofia from Turix

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