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Prosperity bundle - Aventurine & Opalite Crystal jewelry set

Prosperity bundle - Aventurine & Opalite Crystal jewelry set

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Opalite is a highly energetic crystal that boosts your self-esteem, strengthens your connection with universal energies, and brings your intentions into reality. Aventurine is known to attract good fortune and prosperity into your life.

When these crystals are used together, you’ll be able to pursue what you want with energy, confidence, and persistence while having luck and good fortune on your side. 

This Prosperity bundle includes: 

  • 1 Aventurine bracelet
  • 1 Opalite pendant + chain

    Benefits of Aventurine

    • Stone of Opportunity: It is a magnet for abundance, prosperity, and the law of attraction. Luck will be on your side while wearing this crystal
    • Calms Your Soul: Brings a sense of inner peace that will soothe and comfort you through difficult times and stressful interactions. 

    Benefits of Opalite

    • Unleash Your Inner Strength: Uncovers and express your deeper feelings so you know exactly what to do
    • Increase of Personal Power: It’s a highly energizing stone that will keep you persistent and help you overcome fatigue or exhaustion. Opalite will keep your mind clear and focused.



    Size: Approx. 4 cm

    Chain length: Approx. 45 cm with clasp closure

    🌙Bracelet size: Approx. 18.5 cm

    Note: Our products are made with natural crystals so each piece will be unique. 


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