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Add Last Month's Positivity Pack For Just $19.97 (1)

Add Last Month's Positivity Pack For Just $19.97 (1)

Precio habitual $80.00 $19.97 Oferta

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Crystal Positivity Pack Includes

✅ Labradorite Necklace: shields your aura from negativity and manifests positive change

✅ Aventurine Necklace: Soothes negative emotions, brings motivation and attracts good fortune into your life

✅ Amethyst Bracelet: Calms your mind and body so you feel less stress and anxiety. 

✅ Crystal Booklet: That explains everything about your crystals and how to use them

✅ Self Care Activity: A simple activity proven to boost happiness & remove negative thoughts and feelings.

$80 Total Value - For Just $19.97

(Save $60)