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Jewelry Care

How to care for your jewelry

Turix items are made using plated metals in either gold or silver on a copper base. Zinc base is used for the chains.
If the product is made with a different material it will be mentioned in the description.
Please be aware that all alloys will tarnish over time and do need to be cared for.
To prolong the life of your piece, here are a few tips:
  • Please keep all items of jewelry completely dry. 
  • Avoid wearing perfume at the same time as your piece of jewelry. The chemicals in the perfume react with the plating which will cause it to tarnish. Strong body lotions can have the same effect.
  • Try to keep direct sun exposure to a minimum, this can harm some crystals as well.
  • Definitely no showering, bathing or sleeping in your jewelry
  • Avoid using household chemicals whilst wearing bracelets or rings. 
  • When it comes to storing, it is best to keep your jewelry in a box or wrapped away in a drawer.
  • Give them a little clean occasionally and they will love you that much more. Gently buff your item with a polishing cloth to remove any oils or tarnish. 

Jewelry Tarnishing 

This can happen due the alloys in the metal reacting to your skin. Each person has a unique skin pH level. The average is 5.5 but for some their skin is more alkaline, others are more acidic. This means that for each body, it will produce more or less moisture and acid dependent upon this pH level.

This, combined with external factors such as washing your hands, applying lotions or perfumes etc, can react with your jewelry so it's important to clean your pieces regularly and keep them as dry as possible. In short, there's nothing wrong with your jewelry. Just follow the tips above.


Crystal Cleansing

Interested in cleansing your Turix crystals in a way that won´t damage your jewelry?

We are happy to help! We have compiled a little guide with different methods you can use. Just send us an email to and we'll be happy to share it with you.