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Are there crystals that should not be used together?


When you get into crystals you may notice your collection quickly starts to grow...

But have you ever wondered if there are crystals that you should not wear or use at the same time?

I don’t believe there are any crystals out there that should just never be put together.

But I do think that some crystals will cancel each other out...

So it’s important to be cautious of putting crystals together that have opposing effects…

For example crystals that boost your energy and crystals that calm energy down...

If you were to put these two together in a combination it would be hard to notice any of their effects.

Here are a few safe ways to select crystals to combine together…

  •       Similar elemental content or same mineral group
  •       Similar or complementary colors
  •       Same Zodiac sign association
  •       Same Chakra group association
  •       Similar healing properties

In summary there are combinations that will negate each other.

But there really is no bad way to combine multiple crystals.

Start with the goal you’re looking to achieve with crystal healing.

I believe that with the right intention, all crystals can work together 😊

Many blessings! 


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