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How to use crystals to manifest?

manifesting crystals

Today I wanted to write about how crystals can help manifest your desires.

Manifesting with crystals has been practiced and refined for a very long time 

And can help you bring your desires into reality...

Manifesting with crystals is not super difficult, and I’ll share how to do it below :)

1. Create a space to program your crystal. Set aside some time when you will not be disturbed. Go someplace quiet. What you bring to this process will profoundly affect your results.

2. Choose what to create.  Write or type out your desire or goal you want help in manifesting. I suggest using just one intention at a time for each crystal.

3. Choose a crystal. There are many types of crystals and all will amplify your energy.

    Here are some of the crystals you might want to work with:

      Clear quartz - work great for all types of manifestation.

      Rose quartz - work particularly well on issues of the heart,

      Citrine - works well for manifesting money.

      Black Tourmaline – works in achieving calmness and serenity

      Green Aventurine & Amazonite – for Abundance and wealth

     You can’t go wrong with choosing any crystal to help your manifesting work

    4. Cleanse and clear the crystal. Mix a tablespoon of sea, rock, or table salt into a bowl of water. Make sure that your stone is completely submerged, and allow it to soak for a few hours to a few days' time. Rinse and pat dry when complete.

    5. Connect with the crystal.  Rubbing your hands together to awaken the energy centers in your hands. You are creating an energy field. You may become aware of sensations in your hands, a tingling, or a warmth may arise. Continue to hold the stone and tune into any emotional sensations you are feeling.

    6. Imagine the dream. Read your intention. Imagine that desire happening. How will you feel? What will you do? Who will you tell? How will you celebrate? Feel the emotions of receiving that dream come true as fully and intensely as you can.

    7. Flow that feeling into the crystal. Imagine energy flowing from your mind and heart into the crystal. Continue to feel all the emotions that you will feel when you first receive this dream.

    8. Complete the session. Mentally let the crystal know you are through. Thank it for its help. Feel deep gratitude. 

    9. Refresh as necessary. You may want to repeat the above steps, or simply hold the crystal when you do techniques to manifest this intention.

      You may choose a crystal that you can carry all the time, keep it in your pocket, or sleep with.

      As it is attracting energy that helps manifest your goals :)

      Many blessings! - Sofia 

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