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Do crystals REALLY work?

Two questions I get asked the most are...

Do crystals really work? and will crystals work for me?

The short answer is YES, of course! 

But in case you want a bit more information on how they work... 

I’ll give you a quick summary without going into too much complicated detail (things get technical pretty quick!)

Crystals actually work in 2 different ways that come together to create the end result you’re looking for. 

The first has to do with HOW crystals are formed and the energy they give off.

1.- Energy Frequency

Everything on Earth is made up of energy that vibrates at different frequencies including us and crystals!

But because humans are complex, our energy frequencies are quite unstable and can be easily thrown out of balance.

This can be caused by anything from subconscious negative thought patterns, stress, to interacting with someone who has bad energy...

Crystals on the other hand, are very stable both physically and energetically…

This is because what actually makes a crystal “a crystal” is that its molecules are arranged in a fixed, regularly repeating geometric pattern. 

crystal structure

Since they are so geometrically perfect, they have the lowest possible state of disorganization... 

Which is what makes them extremely stable and balanced...

But WHY does this make crystals special?

Well, just like our energy can be thrown out of balance by external forces….

It can also be brought back into balance by interacting with the stable balanced energy of crystals and gemstones...

By having a crystal in your home, holding or wearing it, a crystal's stable energy can interact with your energy and help bring your energy back into perfect balance.

crystal intentions

Different crystals have different energy vibrations which is what creates the different effects of the stones.

So now that you know how crystal energy can work, we can move on to the second way crystals can work for you.

2.- Intentions

The second way crystals can work for you is by helping manifest your intentions…

They do this by acting as guides, that support & amplify your clear set intentions..

Ultimately, it’s your subconscious and conscious thoughts that create your intentions...

The more you hold that intention in your mind the more likely it is to come into reality...

Programming your conscious intentions and energy into crystals allows the crystal to support that specific intention and helps put that energy into the world. 

It is important to be aware of your thoughts and intentions to ensure they are creating positive change in your life.

So having a crystal in your home or physically holding or wearing it will bring your intention back into your mind and provide constant reinforcement of your intention…

Making it much more likely to manifest that intention into reality!

Of course, if you cannot resonate with this information & think this will not work for you then that is, most likely, exactly what you will manifest.

If you have any success stories or crystal experiences you would like to share with the Crystal family just click Info on the menu bar & Contact, we love hearing from you! :)

Many blessings!



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