What do fluorite colors mean?

fluorite crystals

Crystals and minerals have been collected for many years, both for their healing properties and beautiful shapes and colors. Fluorite fits both categories pretty well and to this day remains one of the most sought after crystals because of its beauty, luminosity and incredible colors that can vary from clear to dark purple.

If you have had the chance to see a Fluorite up close, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Fluorite has no standard color block because its hue is dictated by how natural elements interact with the stone itself. Sometimes, exposure to its surroundings may affect how Fluorite produces its unique color. 

Meaning, any impurities that work their way into fluorite's grid can alter its apparent color turning a once colorless Fluorite to different color hues ranging from blue, green, yellow, brown, pink, purple and even black.

Among all the colorful shades of Fluorite, purple is by far the most famous and in demand crystal. Followed by green and yellow Fluorites. The colorless and black variety is rare which makes them sought after by collectors.

Fluorite represents remarkable beauty, formed naturally. Each of its unique hues radiate healing and calming energies giving you a more peaceful and positive outlook in life.

What fluorite's colors mean


If a fluorite crystal has found its way to you this is the gift the Universe is offering you:

  1. Dark-purple: Dark purple or violet fluorite is perfect as a healing stone, it helps maintain focus and in overcoming learning difficulties. In addition, this healing stone helps to restructure life towards a more positive vibe, liberate from anxiety and enhance confidence in emotions – free from repressed feelings.

  1. Light-purple: The light purple fluorite provides wisdom and clarity, making the user understand his inner yearnings. It is also known as the crystal of the free, unrestrained emotion and intellect.

  1. Light blue: This crystal fosters calmness and the capacity to think rationally. It assists the brain to process thoughts sequentially towards a person’s intended purpose. 

  1. Green: Green fluorite is ideal for clearing negative energy from the environment – whether it be from people, places or situations. It attracts inspiration in creating new ideas, originality and quick thinking. 

  1. Rainbow: The mix of colors promotes open-mindedness and freedom of choice. It emboldens the mind and the heart to verbalize ideas and thoughts, free from thoughts of criticisms.

6. Clear (Colorless): Clear fluorite stimulates mental clarity. It cleanses and energizes the aura, harmonizing the mind and spirit. This allows the person to recognize struggle as an opportunity for success. Also, it enhances the energies from other stones, aligning all of their chakras to create a universal energy into the physical body.

Another thing to consider is how the colors of fluorite truly come to life when light goes through them. 

You will see in the photos below, I'm holding the same crystal and how colors are perceived differently depending on the lighting conditions.

fluorite crystal colors


Always remember that even though fluorite looks its best under the sunlight it should not be exposed to it for long periods of time as it will make its colors fade. A colorful fluorite crystal exposed to continuous sun will eventually fade.

Hope you love your fluorite crystals as much as I do!

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Many blessings! - Sofia


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