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What is an orgonite & orgone energy?

Do you sometimes feel an intense negative energy suddenly sneak up on you? Are you having trouble getting deep and better sleep? Do you suddenly experience fits of mood swings? While oftentimes you just don’t have enough energy to go on with your day? If so, it is possible that your Orgone energy is defectively imbalanced. 

turix orgonite

Orgone is a type of energy that surrounds us all. In traditional Chinese medicine it is commonly termed as Qi while in Ayurveda and tantra it is called Prana. Orgone energy may become a negative orgone energy when modern technologies that emit Electromagnetic Fields or EMF pollute our surroundings then enter and affect our body. As a result of being surrounded by negative orgone energy, a person may experience energy imbalance, decline of spiritual and psychological growth and a higher risk of contracting illness and diseases.

turix orgonite

To prevent any blockages in the energy flow of your body, it is best to keep an Orgonite around you. Orgonite is a material made specifically to capture, cleanse and release our orgone energy. It is a combination of different crystals and tiny metal pieces held together by a resin that works to recondition the orgone energy so that it can be an effective conduit for the other energy. Orgonite are usually fashioned into any shape, including wands and pyramids.

By simply holding an Orgone device or being near one, negative energy will gradually dissipate from your magnetic field, providing a higher, more balanced healthy condition. Meditating and focusing your energies with an orgonite such as an orgone pyramid will direct positive orgone energy towards personal healing, protection and spiritual revival.


How To Use It?

  • Bedroom: Place it in your bedside table for a good night's sleep.
  • Work-Desk: Place it your work desk to alleviate work-related stress.
  • Near Electrical Devices: Put it near your electrical appliances to reduce dirty EMF.
  • Garden: Place it in a corner of your garden or indoor pot to enhance the plant's growth.
  • Meditation: Simply hold the pyramid in your hand while meditating to dive into a deep meditative state.