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Best crystals + essential oils combinations

I've recently gotten into essential oils and just wanted to quickly share how I've been using them with my crystals in case you're interested in how to pair them too :)

First off, did you know that combining crystals and essential oils together enhances their energy!?

Both healing crystals and aromatherapy oils are extracted from naturally found resources and hence, their benefits are considered to be complimentary when combined together..

Choosing the right crystal and oil pairing is important too...

crystal rollers

So, here are a few combinations of crystals and essential oils I've been using recently!

  • Pair Amethyst crystals with Lavender or Chamomile oil. This combination amplified its healing properties and your relaxation session will be even more powerful.
  • Pair Rose Quartz crystals with Bergamot essential oil. It will expand the energy of confidence and self-acceptance. Carry your rose quartz with bergamot bottle and keep it in your purse or pocket.
  • Black Onyx crystals and Frankincense essential oil. It can act as a sort of energy protectant against bad vibes and negative energies!
  • Pair Clear Quartz crystals and Clary Sage essential oil. It expands the energy of third eyesight, wisdom, and alignment of your monthly cycles.
  • Lapis Lazuli crystals and Neroli oil. This powerful combination brings truth and integrity back into our lives whilst helping to rebalance our Throat Chakra. When the Throat Chakra is in balance, we can express what we think and feel.

Bonus combo for attracting wealth and good fortune: Citrine crystals + Wild Orange oil This combination will help you focus your thoughts on prosperity, limitlessness, and abundance.

When you combine oils and crystals that have a similar energy, they amplify each other's ability to guide you toward the state you want to reach… 

 And if your interested in getting an essential oil crystal roller bottle we currently have some available in the store.



They are perfect for combining your essential oils with natural crystal energy and keep both close to you in your purse!


Many blessings!


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