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Throat Chakra Crystal Set
Throat Chakra Crystal Set
Throat Chakra Crystal Set
Throat Chakra Crystal Set
Throat Chakra Crystal Set
Throat Chakra Crystal Set
Throat Chakra Crystal Set

Throat Chakra Crystal Set

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    The Throat Chakra is responsible for communication, the expression of thoughts, feelings, and ideas, a healthy internal dialogue, and striking a balance between speaking and listening, as well as the seeking and sharing of truth, social skills, and personal integrity and honor.

    • Signs of balance:  Seeking and sharing of truth, social skills, healthy internal dialogue, purity, balance between speaking and listening.

    • Signs of imbalance:  Dishonesty, social anxiety, insensitivity, Aggressive behavior, difficulty expressing your thoughts.

    Crystals included: 

    •  Raw Sodalite crystals
      • Size: About 3 cm each (1.1 in.)
      • Weight: 50 g 
      • Aquamarine Tumbled crystals
        • Size: 1.5-2cm (0.5-0.7 in.)
        • Weight: 50 g
      • 1 Lapis Lazuli Necklace
        • Size of crystal: 3 cm ( 1.1 in.)
        • Chain length: 40-60 cm Adjustable (15.7-23.6 in.) 

      Throat Chakra Booklet:

      Includes a comprehensive booklet offering valuable insights and tools to enhance your chakra healing journey:

      • Learn about what each chakra does and simple techniques to balance them with your crystals.
      • Conduct a Chakra Assessment to identify which of your chakras are blocked, overactive, or balanced.
      • Explore Chakra Healing Practices, including hand-picked practices, music, affirmations, and more that resonate with each chakra, helping you bring them back into balance.

        Crystal Key words:

        • Sodalite: Harmony • Trust • Communication • Intuition
        • Aquamarine: Courage • Tolerance • Peace •Meditation • Protection
        • Lapis Lazuli: Wisdom • Confidence • Intuition • Self-awareness

        Note: Color shades can vary on all natural stones, please allow for variations. Photos of many stones are shown for diversity, only items described above are included.

        30 Day Money Back Guarantee: We are so confident that you will love our crystals that we will refund your order if you're not satisfied for any reason.
        100% Traceable: Tracking number with every order. 


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        When your seven chakras are open and balanced, energy can flow freely through our bodies and minds so you can:

        •  Live a fun, happy, peaceful and fulfilling life.
        •  Achieve mental and physical wellbeing.
        •  Resolve your emotional issues including dissolving your anxieties and fears.
        •  Unlock access to your higher self and true enlightenment by trading negative with positive vibrations and energies.

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